About The Institute

The Sri Lanka Insurance Institute is the only educational body for those in the local insurance field. It was established in 1981 to enhance professionalism in the practice of insurance in Sri Lanka and develop the necessary human resources in insurance and other related financial services. Over the years the institute has been governed by various councils and now comprises of 11 dynamic individuals from the field of insurance. The institute was established to fulfill the need to create and autonomous educational body devoted to enhancing the standards of the insurance field in Sri Lanka.

The institute conducts examinations for the Chartered Insurance Institute and Insurance Institute of India in addition to conducting local examinations.

The certificate, Diploma and Associate examinations are held for The Chartered Insurance Institute twice a year and Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship examinations for the Indian Insurance Institute bi-annually. Local examinations held for the award of certificates are namely Insurance Foundation Certificate and Certificate in Insurance Practice. We have recently begun to conduct classes for the CII (Award) – Award in Financial Planning.

At the institute we also conduct examinations on behalf of the local governing body, according to the standards set out by them to ensure that proper standards are maintained in the local industry in the area of sales.

We currently have a membership base of around 2500 approximately, which includes honorary members & ordinary members.


Seated (L-R)
Mr Anushka Jayasinghe (Asst. Secretary)
Mr Sithumina Jayasundera (Vice President)
Mr Lasitha Wimalaratne (President)
Mr Mahendra Wilegoda (Secretary)
Mr Sameera Dharmasena (Treasurer)

Standing (L-R)
Mrs Kaumalee Ameradiwakara (Council Member)
Mr Chandima Sumanatunga (Council Member)
Mr Saman Kumara (Council Member)
Mr Rumesh Moderage (Council Member)
Mrs Lachini Chithrasena (Council Member)
Mrs Kusum Thenuwara (Council Member)

Mr Udeni Kiridena


Sithumina Jayasundara


Mahendra Wilegoda

Vice President

Anushka Jayasinghe


Sameera Dharmasena

Asst. Secretary

Kaumalee Amaradiwakara


Lachini Chithrasena

Council Member

Chandima Sumanathunga

Council Member

Kusum Thenuwara

Council Member

Saman Kumara

Council Member

Rumesh Moderage

Council Member

Manura Perera

Council Member


Udeni Kiridena